Rose’s Last Chance organizes nature walks for guests who wish to explore the broad base of Mountain Elgon, which slopes right down to the campsite. Walkers will enjoy viewing the waterfalls on ridges and exploring mountainside caves.
Trips in a four-wheel-drive vehicle are also organized for guests, and four-wheel-drive vehicles as well as motorcycles are available for hire.
Guided walks, day trips and other outings enable guests to reach into the life of communities in the area. You might even learn how to prepare local dishes such as bamboo with mushroom sauce.
Guests at Rose’s Last Chance are entertained with dances such as those performed during circumcision ceremonies. You may organize with Rose’s to attend a circumcision ceremony in a local community. Such ceremonies are performed only in years that end in an even number.

Local crafts are displayed at the guesthouse for visitors to view or to purchase if they wish.



Food and drinks

Delicious meals are prepared to order daily in the kitchen. Packed meals are available for those participating in guided walks.

Rose’s Last Chance has a bar and a restaurant in an attractive garden setting. Both African and English cuisine is on offer.





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